Oven Cleaning And Modern Life

This modern world really isn’t that crazy and different to the ages of yore. We like to think that we live in some crazy world that is crazy, and we do, but that is not unique to this age. All ages were crazy! People are crazy. That is a simple fact, I think. Goddamit. Can you really transcend this shit? This horrible stuff that we’re constantly being dragged down into by the fact that life just doesn’t work. Nothing works. There’s always just too much life in the way of the things that actually feel good inside. You have to periodically through love and happiness to the wolves for your own survival. That’s it. So it goes and you’re left off worse than you were before. More sad, more destroyed, more full of hate and anger and pain. This stuff goes on far longer than the other shit. It seeps far deeper into your bones than the happy part. Happiness is light, it can leave a glow but it flows of you with little pushing. But sadness is heavy, it grips to you and covers you thickly, there’s nothing light about it.


Soooooooooooooo you can get things though. You can get someone to clean your oven. Yeah! They’ll just come round your house and clean your oven for a nominal fee (check out this guide on how to set up a cleaning business) they will actually do that. Does that liberate you from cleaning your oven? Well, yes. Do you, then, transcend this mundane part of life? I guess so yes so maybe. But that might just not be enough now anyway. It’s hard. It’s not easy. And I’m sick of it.

Promoting The Movement

Growing a movement is all about getting the word out there. How can people become part of the movement if they haven’t heard? How can they know about it? How can they get involved? How can they be at one with you? How can they give their soul up to you and your movement? How can they lie down in the dark and feel your presence? You need to give them that opportunity, you need to give everyone that opportunity. It would be rude and awful not too.


That’s Mr Rude, and he would say that that was rude

As the Catholics always say ‘You’ve got to get them, and you’ve got to get them young’. So we need to be transcending in schools, we need to be transcending in pre-schools, we need to be transcending in high schools. We need, need to be transcending in colleges. Colleges I think are the key, college students are at an interesting period in their lives where they are reforming a lot of their personalities and forming their own values and making habits and choices they are going to keep for a life time, or at least until they get dragged into the sick economic and marital culture their parents force onto them. BUT if we reach college students we can intercept their souls. We just need to look into the kind of college marketing techniques that will bring this valuable demographic into our sphere of influence. I believe in people. I believe that there are people left in this country who know a movement that matters when they see one. They know that we have problems and those problems can be solved if we act collectively, if we act together, if we transcend the individualism and petty narcissism of the modern age of capital.


‘To Transcend’ To rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed

Let us rise, across all campuses, and across the world.


Mind, Body and Soul

Mind, body and soul. These are what we have, what we have to take care of.


You are your mind and your mind is you and it is also yours. Your mind belongs to you and you are your mind and you own your mind SO your mind owns your mind. Because you are your mind and you own your mind which should mean something. But what does it mean? Well, so many questions that we ask are not telling in our answering but telling in their asking. As in: What defines us is not how we answer the questions that we ask but what questions we ask in the first place. Do you ask: How do I get more? Or do you ask: Do others have enough? Do you ask: Am I attractive? Or do you ask: Am I a good person? You see. Whatever your answer to ‘Am I a good person?’ is, you’re still a better person than the person that those who ask ‘Am I attractive?’. No matter what you’ve done. Ever. You’re way better than those vain pricks.



You are your body and your body is you and it is also yours. Your body belongs to you and you are your body and you own your body SO your body owns your body. Because you are your body and you own your body which should mean something. But what does it mean? It certainly means you should look after your body, do you look after your body? How does one do that? I sometimes go to a physio (http://www.thetreatmenttable.com/) for a deep tissue massage and when I go there I lie down on the table. He picks my leg up and rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it, and puts it down. He picks my other leg up and rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it, and puts my other leg down. He picks my arm up and rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it, and puts it down. And, of course, he does the same thing with the different arm. And you know, after all of that, you know how I feel after that? After that experience with that man who understands my body as much as any man can, after all that, how do I feel? I feel better.



 So here we are now. Here we are now at soul. You are your soul and your soul is you and it is also yours. Your soul belongs to you and you are your soul and you own your soul SO your soul owns your soul. Because you are your soul and you own your soul which should mean something. But what does it mean? Well it means that you are more than your corporal form (even though you are your corporal form) you are also more than it. You are part of something that stretches immaterially beyond you and yours. You exist far beyond, beyond, beyond. How does one care for ones soul? Well, for one to care for ones soul one has to think of ones soul as much as one can. But if one wants one to for once win one’s winning wants. What are your winning wants? What is it that you have decided you want? Because you have to figure out what you want too want and then you can direct your soul and hopefully bring it forward with some semblance of peace.


To Transcend

To Transcend is not simply to go above but to absorb what it is that is being transcend and travel beyond it. It is feeling the power of your mind and your consciousness. It is recognizing the connections of your mind, body and soul to that which is larger than you, that which is greater than you, that which is you, but is also so much more. Because when we say transcend, we mean move beyond yourself, beyond the minimal form of human life that you have been told is all you are, to dissolve into the wider consciousness of mankind. That is where you can live and where you should live, if only you can give yourself the gift of getting there.


There is no learning how to transcend in an evening. There is no short cut to enlightenment. With this practice more than any other the journey is essential. The journey is a huge part of the ingredients for the state you are trying to reach. You cannot skip the journey, but through dedication and trust, humanity and humility, you can make it there to that hallowed state of enlightenment and awareness.


So join us on this journey. Help us on this journey. Take us on this journey. We are with you and you are with us. Let us begin……

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