There are distractions and then there is the Internet.

Never before have we lived in such a cluttered and diverse mental space.

There’s a cliche of an old man who struggles with the way the world is changing around him. ‘Things aren’t the way they used to be’, he says. ‘In my day, things were simpler’. Regardless of how rote this old man’s grumblings sound, he’s now more right than ever. The 21st Century has brought with it a litany of complexities that have not been properly addressed by psychologists or doctors. In today’s modern world, we are more aware of the billions of people milling around the world with us and more burdened by thoughts that simply would not have been in the heads of previous generations.

History of the World

Knowledge is power – that’s what they say. But is there a chance that too much knowledge might not be for the best? We are now at a point in civilisation where we can look back on human history with a certain level of detachment. The internet has granted us unlimited access to this knowledge; never before have so many human had this opportunity to learn about their past – but this might not necessarily be a good thing. Obsessing over the mistakes of those long dead will not help us find solutions to the same problems that face us today – these answers are distractions.


Protection and security. Forty years ago, these adjectives would have been used to describe doors or houses, that was the only security than anyone would feasibly need to worry about. Today though, each person must remember a litany of usernames with corresponding passwords, these must be matched up with the correct service or application. These codes have to be different for each service and often a person might use 8 or 10 different combinations. Why all the security? Because now there are criminals who exist in virtual spaces, eager to take advantage of any weaknesses.

All Powerful Socialites and Minuscule Men

The power of social networks and those making use of them can not be understated. Where once a person could only speculate at their social influence, today they can calculate it with pinpoint accuracy and even try to manipulate it. These are the virtual spaces that people spend the most time in. Millions of people constantly jostle for attention whilst desperately hoping to be noticed and applauded for their brilliance. For every one Powerful Socialite, there are millions of Minuscule Men, struggling to make themselves heard above the din and roar.

Perpetual Updates

Never before have we been made more aware of the ceaseless turning of the world. The internet is constantly being updated, millions of servers whirr as the human race eagerly archive their thoughts, pictures, days, children. There is always something new to read or watch – but is it always worth taking yourself out of the real world to keep up with what is occurring in a virtual one? The internet will never cease to change and update, trying to stay on top of it is an exercise in futility and one that will take up your whole life.

The old man is right. Things were simpler before – but the power still remains in your hands as to how complex you choose to make your life.

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Transcendence is more than simply a way to enlighten the human spirit.

It can be a way to transform the everyday, the usual, into something much bigger and better than it was previously. It’s a philosophy that can be applied as much to people as it can be businesses.


Today we’re going to take a little look at how applying the tenets of transcendence to your business dealings could see your productivity and prospects improve.

[Be warned, that these are not fail-safe, fool proof strategies for success. Like any of the advice given on this site, you must take on board the ideas with an open mind and actively apply the lessons to your own situation. It would be impossible to simply conjure a faultless path to commercial victory – hard work, graft and perseverance should always be your main tools of attack.]

Treat People As People

The core to any business, regardless of it’s technological ambitions, is people. Without people to purchase or invest in your business, you have nothing. Without people to work for you, you will be on your own. In order to successfully harness and channel the power of people, you must treat them as such.

Here’s an example:

Max is the owner of a small bakers in Sheffield. He employs 12 people in all: bakers, catering assistants, delivery drivers. Due to the nature of the business, it’s necessary for the majority of the employees of Max’s business to wake at around 4am Monday to Saturday.


Having run the business for a number of years, taking over the reins from him Father before him, Max knows full well that he could make himself exempt from working inside these unsociable hours. He could simply delegate his early morning work to an employee, this would allow him to spend more time with his family.

However, Max is a student of transcendence. He knows that by making the same sacrifices that his employees make, he will endear himself to them and they will work better as a team together.

Make The Most Of Technology

We are currently hurtling through the 21st Century at a rapid rate. Technology has changed the way that businesses functions irrevocably. Those that are not in the know may well suffer, being tarred with the brush of irrelevance. So how can you ensure that this doesn’t happen to your own enterprise?

Another example:

Jacobi is a restauranteur, residing in Merseyside. He owns three restaurants within the county and manages them all from his base of operations in Liverpool. Each of his establishments is well-known in their respective community, regarded as trusted family-friendly establishments.


In the last five years, his restaurants have started to decline. This is due, in part, to their dated decor and old fashioned menus. Jacobi takes the initiative and overhauls each one of his restaurants, refurbishing and redesigning the menus. He could live in hope that his old clientele will notice the changes and pop in of their own accord.

However, Jacobi is a willing practitioner of transcendence. He knows that by actively reaching out to his own customers with the power of internet, using an SEO from Liverpool, he can directly contact his old clientele and make the most of his investment.

Never Be Afraid To Innovate

In the corporate world of the 21st Century – no business is unique. A brief search for your business and it’s particular niche will, no doubt, yield multiple results. Hundred, if not thousands, of people are jostling for position in the global, national and local marketplaces. In order to keep your head above water, you must never be afraid to innovate.

One last example:

Rebecca walks dogs for a living in the Garden of England, Kent. She has provided a basic dog walking service to owners living in a 5 mile radius of her home of Cobham, for the last 3 years.


Her business has, for the last year, plateaued. Although she has not been haemorrhaging money, her income is slowly on the decline. She identifies the growing rate of living costs, inflation and a rise in competition, as the main reasons behind her diminishing business returns.

Luckily enough, Rebecca has been taking time to transcend for the last 6 months. She now knows that, in order for her to compete on a real level with other local businesses, she needs to branch out and provide a unique service that her competitors can not. Enrolling in a Dog Agility Training course, Rebecca adds another string to her bow and offers more to prospective clients than simply dog walking.

Actively engaging in transcendence can help you to see your problems from a different angle. Once you’re above the realm of the mortal world, you can pick apart the issues that are holding you back.

Take these pieces of advice and meditate on them in your own time. You never know, you may well be able to make some meaningful changes to your business!

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Are you finding it difficult to transcend beyond your mortal coil?

Rest assured, you’re not the only one having troubles transcending out of yourself. This might surprise you, but it was a great deal easier to transcend back in the good old days of the 60s. So, what’s the difference between now and then? The answer is simple and literally right in front of your face.


Back in the golden days of the 60s and 70s, the biggest technological distraction that would be transcenders had was the television. Now, you could argue that this was a pretty significant factor. By this time television had been kicking around for 25 years or so and was starting to get interesting.

But, before you completely dismiss me, just check out what a TV looked like back then:


Do you see what I mean, here? And this was a nice one. In fact, this Telefunken Full Colour Television was the first made by the company in the early 60s, although colour television had been around since the early 50s. Anyway, we’re getting distracted here.

My point was that back then, the choice was really quite simple. Want to get down and dirty with some meditation? Just turn off the TV and the radio (not even worth mentioning) and get going!

Inside the home today, our TVs look like this:


This is the Samsung KS9800, it’s 88 inches wide. That’s a good deal over 2 metres wide. People actually have these, I’m really not kidding. If you had a television this big, would you really be thinking about transcending, or would you be gloriously revelling in the 4k monstrosity that you paid £17k for?

Another faulty analogy, perhaps. Well consider the powerful computers that rest in our pockets day in day out.

Is it even worth showing you what computers looked like in the 60s?


Ridiculous, right? You couldn’t even get YouTube on it, let alone FaceBook – what’s worse it – none of these things existed yet, because there wasn’t any internet.

And here, we get to the real crux of the matter: the reason why modern people find it so difficult to transcend is because the World Wide Web won’t let them.

We live in an age where the World’s News (‘the world’s longest running Soap’, as Charlie Brooker describes it) is constantly piped right into our pockets, into our ears (if we so choose). It might be easy to block out the worries of the world by not reading it, but there’s a different kind  of news that you really can’t avoid.

That’s the news of your friends:


So many names, so many people, so many stories! What’s more, all this news will be infinitely more interesting (nay, salacious) because you personally know each and everyone of the characters. So, if you’re not indulging in a little virtual people watching – then what excuse do you have for not transcending (because that’s what we’re really talking about here now – excuses)? How about your ‘real’ friends messaging through any one of many different platforms? How about prospective lovers badgering you on any number of dating applications? How about your phone vibrating every 2 minutes because you’ve got over 50 contacts on Snapchat/Instagram and everyone, simply everyone, must document every single thing they do and tell you about it?

This is why you can’t transcend.

How can you get past this? Simple.

Cut yourself free. Cancel the internet, cut your phone line, smash your mobile.

The choice is yours.

Lie trapped, wrapped up by so many virtual lines and connections.

Or set yourself free and start your journey to transcendence. 


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When people talk about the ‘power of television’ they are often referring to the way televisual culture has an impact on our behaviour in real life. Children will watch violent movies and suddenly have the urge to hit something, teenage boys will yearn for a Coke after seeing an attractive woman down a can and home makers will tend to buy the brand name in cleaning products after watching day time television. Cynically speaking, this is the ‘power’ that the television holds over us in our every day lives. However, the same could be said for pop culture in general. Newspapers, movies, the internet; all these things hold sway over our purchasing decisions and everyday activities. Television, though, has another power that is separate from all that I’ve mentioned before.


‘As more time is spent in alternate realities, it is the problems of the characters that we prioritse, over our own.’

As has been noted before here, to transcend is essentially to travel beyond our normal plane of existence. Brilliant television gives us the chance to do exactly that. When we sit down to watch a Game of Thrones or a Breaking Bad, we elevate ourselves away from the humdrum of our normal existence and become part of the world that we are seeing on screen. Our problems and issues melt away, until the only thing that concerns us are the difficulties that face the characters. This is transcendence in its purest form and its something that thousands of people around the world are engaging in on a daily basis.

With the proliferation of on-demand television services, more and more people have access to an endless supply of quality programming. This leads us to the inevitable argument: is too much TV a bad thing? Or alternatively: is too much transcendence a bad thing? Taking a break from our own reality can often be a vital part of decompressing from a stressful time. A difficult problem can be seen at in a different light after taking some time to transcend. However, if we start to indulge too much in transcendence then soon our real world problems start to hold less importance in our lives. As more time is spent in alternate realities, it is the problems of the characters that we prioritse, over our own.

tv addict

‘…is too much TV a bad thing?’

When an individual is watching so much television that they are not capable to function in working life, or even socialise with real human beings, then it is clear that a dependent addiction is taking place. Much like a drug addiction, the dependent television user gains high levels of dopamine from engaging in others’ problems whilst ignoring his own. When protagonists of the show resolve their issues of inner conflict; the viewer, empathising at such a high level by this point, will feel a sense of accomplishment as if they had achieved something themselves. The same thing could be said about many other televisual media (with a case for video games being particularly well backed) but no other medium is as socially acceptable to binge on whilst being an essentially passive activity.

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This modern world really isn’t that crazy and different to the ages of yore. We like to think that we live in some crazy world that is crazy, and we do, but that is not unique to this age. All ages were crazy! People are crazy. That is a simple fact, I think. Goddamit. Can you really transcend this shit? This horrible stuff that we’re constantly being dragged down into by the fact that life just doesn’t work. Nothing works. There’s always just too much life in the way of the things that actually feel good inside. You have to periodically through love and happiness to the wolves for your own survival. That’s it. So it goes and you’re left off worse than you were before. More sad, more destroyed, more full of hate and anger and pain. This stuff goes on far longer than the other shit. It seeps far deeper into your bones than the happy part. Happiness is light, it can leave a glow but it flows of you with little pushing. But sadness is heavy, it grips to you and covers you thickly, there’s nothing light about it.


Soooooooooooooo you can get things though. You can get someone to clean your oven. Yeah! They’ll just come round your house and clean your oven for a nominal fee (check out this guide on how to set up a cleaning business) they will actually do that. Does that liberate you from cleaning your oven? Well, yes. Do you, then, transcend this mundane part of life? I guess so yes so maybe. But that might just not be enough now anyway. It’s hard. It’s not easy. And I’m sick of it.…

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Growing a movement is all about getting the word out there. How can people become part of the movement if they haven’t heard? How can they know about it? How can they get involved? How can they be at one with you? How can they give their soul up to you and your movement? How can they lie down in the dark and feel your presence? You need to give them that opportunity, you need to give everyone that opportunity. It would be rude and awful not too.


That’s Mr Rude, and he would say that that was rude

As the Catholics always say ‘You’ve got to get them, and you’ve got to get them young’. So we need to be transcending in schools, we need to be transcending in pre-schools, we need to be transcending in high schools. We need, need to be transcending in colleges. Colleges I think are the key, college students are at an interesting period in their lives where they are reforming a lot of their personalities and forming their own values and making habits and choices they are going to keep for a life time, or at least until they get dragged into the sick economic and marital culture their parents force onto them. BUT if we reach college students we can intercept their souls. We just need to look into the kind of college marketing techniques that will bring this valuable demographic into our sphere of influence. I believe in people. I believe that there are people left in this country who know a movement that matters when they see one. They know that we have problems and those problems can be solved if we act collectively, if we act together, if we transcend the individualism and petty narcissism of the modern age of capital.


‘To Transcend’ To rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed

Let us rise, across all campuses, and across the world.


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Mind, body and soul. These are what we have, what we have to take care of.


You are your mind and your mind is you and it is also yours. Your mind belongs to you and you are your mind and you own your mind SO your mind owns your mind. Because you are your mind and you own your mind which should mean something. But what does it mean? Well, so many questions that we ask are not telling in our answering but telling in their asking. As in: What defines us is not how we answer the questions that we ask but what questions we ask in the first place. Do you ask: How do I get more? Or do you ask: Do others have enough? Do you ask: Am I attractive? Or do you ask: Am I a good person? You see. Whatever your answer to ‘Am I a good person?’ is, you’re still a better person than the person that those who ask ‘Am I attractive?’. No matter what you’ve done. Ever. You’re way better than those vain pricks.



You are your body and your body is you and it is also yours. Your body belongs to you and you are your body and you own your body SO your body owns your body. Because you are your body and you own your body which should mean something. But what does it mean? It certainly means you should look after your body, do you look after your body? How does one do that? I sometimes go to a physio for a deep tissue massage and when I go there I lie down on the table. He picks my leg up and rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it, and puts it down. He picks my other leg up and rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it, and puts my other leg down. He picks my arm up and rubs it, and rubs it, and rubs it, and puts it down. And, of course, he does the same thing with the different arm. And you know, after all of that, you know how I feel after that? After that experience with that man who understands my body as much as any man can, after all that, how do I feel? I feel better.



 So here we are now. Here we are now at soul. You are your soul and your soul is you and it is also yours. Your soul belongs to you and you are your soul and you own your soul SO your soul owns your soul. Because you are your soul and you own your soul which should mean something. But what does it mean? Well it means that you are more than your corporal form (even though you are your corporal form) you are also more than it. You are part of something that stretches immaterially beyond you and yours. You exist far beyond, beyond, beyond. How does one care for ones soul? Well, for one to care for ones soul one has to think of ones soul as much as one can. But if one wants one to for once win one’s winning wants. What are your winning wants? What is it that you have decided you want? Because you have to figure out what you want too want and then you can direct your soul and hopefully bring it forward with some semblance of peace.


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To Transcend is not simply to go above but to absorb what it is that is being transcend and travel beyond it. It is feeling the power of your mind and your consciousness. It is recognizing the connections of your mind, body and soul to that which is larger than you, that which is greater than you, that which is you, but is also so much more. Because when we say transcend, we mean move beyond yourself, beyond the minimal form of human life that you have been told is all you are, to dissolve into the wider consciousness of mankind. That is where you can live and where you should live, if only you can give yourself the gift of getting there.


There is no learning how to transcend in an evening. There is no short cut to enlightenment. With this practice more than any other the journey is essential. The journey is a huge part of the ingredients for the state you are trying to reach. You cannot skip the journey, but through dedication and trust, humanity and humility, you can make it there to that hallowed state of enlightenment and awareness.


So join us on this journey. Help us on this journey. Take us on this journey. We are with you and you are with us. Let us begin……

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