How to Transcend Your Business to the Next Level

Transcendence is more than simply a way to enlighten the human spirit.

It can be a way to transform the everyday, the usual, into something much bigger and better than it was previously. It’s a philosophy that can be applied as much to people as it can be businesses.


Today we’re going to take a little look at how applying the tenets of transcendence to your business dealings could see your productivity and prospects improve.

[Be warned, that these are not fail-safe, fool proof strategies for success. Like any of the advice given on this site, you must take on board the ideas with an open mind and actively apply the lessons to your own situation. It would be impossible to simply conjure a faultless path to commercial victory – hard work, graft and perseverance should always be your main tools of attack.]

Treat People As People

The core to any business, regardless of it’s technological ambitions, is people. Without people to purchase or invest in your business, you have nothing. Without people to work for you, you will be on your own. In order to successfully harness and channel the power of people, you must treat them as such.

Here’s an example:

Max is the owner of a small bakers in Sheffield. He employs 12 people in all: bakers, catering assistants, delivery drivers. Due to the nature of the business, it’s necessary for the majority of the employees of Max’s business to wake at around 4am Monday to Saturday.


Having run the business for a number of years, taking over the reins from him Father before him, Max knows full well that he could make himself exempt from working inside these unsociable hours. He could simply delegate his early morning work to an employee, this would allow him to spend more time with his family.

However, Max is a student of transcendence. He knows that by making the same sacrifices that his employees make, he will endear himself to them and they will work better as a team together.

Make The Most Of Technology

We are currently hurtling through the 21st Century at a rapid rate. Technology has changed the way that businesses functions irrevocably. Those that are not in the know may well suffer, being tarred with the brush of irrelevance. So how can you ensure that this doesn’t happen to your own enterprise?

Another example:

Jacobi is a restauranteur, residing in Merseyside. He owns three restaurants within the county and manages them all from his base of operations in Liverpool. Each of his establishments is well-known in their respective community, regarded as trusted family-friendly establishments.


In the last five years, his restaurants have started to decline. This is due, in part, to their dated decor and old fashioned menus. Jacobi takes the initiative and overhauls each one of his restaurants, refurbishing and redesigning the menus. He could live in hope that his old clientele will notice the changes and pop in of their own accord.

However, Jacobi is a willing practitioner of transcendence. He knows that by actively reaching out to his own customers with the power of internet, using an SEO from Liverpool, he can directly contact his old clientele and make the most of his investment.

Never Be Afraid To Innovate

In the corporate world of the 21st Century – no business is unique. A brief search for your business and it’s particular niche will, no doubt, yield multiple results. Hundred, if not thousands, of people are jostling for position in the global, national and local marketplaces. In order to keep your head above water, you must never be afraid to innovate.

One last example:

Rebecca walks dogs for a living in the Garden of England, Kent. She has provided a basic dog walking service to owners living in a 5 mile radius of her home of Cobham, for the last 3 years.


Her business has, for the last year, plateaued. Although she has not been haemorrhaging money, her income is slowly on the decline. She identifies the growing rate of living costs, inflation and a rise in competition, as the main reasons behind her diminishing business returns.

Luckily enough, Rebecca has been taking time to transcend for the last 6 months. She now knows that, in order for her to compete on a real level with other local businesses, she needs to branch out and provide a unique service that her competitors can not. Enrolling in a Dog Agility Training course, Rebecca adds another string to her bow and offers more to prospective clients than simply dog walking.

Actively engaging in transcendence can help you to see your problems from a different angle. Once you’re above the realm of the mortal world, you can pick apart the issues that are holding you back.

Take these pieces of advice and meditate on them in your own time. You never know, you may well be able to make some meaningful changes to your business!

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