Oven Cleaning And Modern Life

This modern world really isn’t that crazy and different to the ages of yore. We like to think that we live in some crazy world that is crazy, and we do, but that is not unique to this age. All ages were crazy! People are crazy. That is a simple fact, I think. Goddamit. Can you really transcend this shit? This horrible stuff that we’re constantly being dragged down into by the fact that life just doesn’t work. Nothing works. There’s always just too much life in the way of the things that actually feel good inside. You have to periodically through love and happiness to the wolves for your own survival. That’s it. So it goes and you’re left off worse than you were before. More sad, more destroyed, more full of hate and anger and pain. This stuff goes on far longer than the other shit. It seeps far deeper into your bones than the happy part. Happiness is light, it can leave a glow but it flows of you with little pushing. But sadness is heavy, it grips to you and covers you thickly, there’s nothing light about it.


Soooooooooooooo you can get things though. You can get someone to clean your oven. Yeah! They’ll just come round your house and clean your oven for a nominal fee (check out this guide on how to set up a cleaning business) they will actually do that. Does that liberate you from cleaning your oven? Well, yes. Do you, then, transcend this mundane part of life? I guess so yes so maybe. But that might just not be enough now anyway. It’s hard. It’s not easy. And I’m sick of it.

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