Promoting The Movement

Growing a movement is all about getting the word out there. How can people become part of the movement if they haven’t heard? How can they know about it? How can they get involved? How can they be at one with you? How can they give their soul up to you and your movement? How can they lie down in the dark and feel your presence? You need to give them that opportunity, you need to give everyone that opportunity. It would be rude and awful not too.


That’s Mr Rude, and he would say that that was rude

As the Catholics always say ‘You’ve got to get them, and you’ve got to get them young’. So we need to be transcending in schools, we need to be transcending in pre-schools, we need to be transcending in high schools. We need, need to be transcending in colleges. Colleges I think are the key, college students are at an interesting period in their lives where they are reforming a lot of their personalities and forming their own values and making habits and choices they are going to keep for a life time, or at least until they get dragged into the sick economic and marital culture their parents force onto them. BUT if we reach college students we can intercept their souls. We just need to look into the kind of college marketing techniques that will bring this valuable demographic into our sphere of influence. I believe in people. I believe that there are people left in this country who know a movement that matters when they see one. They know that we have problems and those problems can be solved if we act collectively, if we act together, if we transcend the individualism and petty narcissism of the modern age of capital.


‘To Transcend’ To rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed

Let us rise, across all campuses, and across the world.


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