To Transcend

To Transcend is not simply to go above but to absorb what it is that is being transcend and travel beyond it. It is feeling the power of your mind and your consciousness. It is recognizing the connections of your mind, body and soul to that which is larger than you, that which is greater than you, that which is you, but is also so much more. Because when we say transcend, we mean move beyond yourself, beyond the minimal form of human life that you have been told is all you are, to dissolve into the wider consciousness of mankind. That is where you can live and where you should live, if only you can give yourself the gift of getting there.


There is no learning how to transcend in an evening. There is no short cut to enlightenment. With this practice more than any other the journey is essential. The journey is a huge part of the ingredients for the state you are trying to reach. You cannot skip the journey, but through dedication and trust, humanity and humility, you can make it there to that hallowed state of enlightenment and awareness.


So join us on this journey. Help us on this journey. Take us on this journey. We are with you and you are with us. Let us begin…

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