Transcend Beyond Technology

Are you finding it difficult to transcend beyond your mortal coil?

Rest assured, you’re not the only one having troubles transcending out of yourself. This might surprise you, but it was a great deal easier to transcend back in the good old days of the 60s. So, what’s the difference between now and then? The answer is simple and literally right in front of your face.


Back in the golden days of the 60s and 70s, the biggest technological distraction that would be transcenders had was the television. Now, you could argue that this was a pretty significant factor. By this time television had been kicking around for 25 years or so and was starting to get interesting.

But, before you completely dismiss me, just check out what a TV looked like back then:


Do you see what I mean, here? And this was a nice one. In fact, this Telefunken Full Colour Television was the first made by the company in the early 60s, although colour television had been around since the early 50s. Anyway, we’re getting distracted here.

My point was that back then, the choice was really quite simple. Want to get down and dirty with some meditation? Just turn off the TV and the radio (not even worth mentioning) and get going!

Inside the home today, our TVs look like this:


This is the Samsung KS9800, it’s 88 inches wide. That’s a good deal over 2 metres wide. People actually have these, I’m really not kidding. If you had a television this big, would you really be thinking about transcending, or would you be gloriously revelling in the 4k monstrosity that you paid £17k for?

Another faulty analogy, perhaps. Well consider the powerful computers that rest in our pockets day in day out.

Is it even worth showing you what computers looked like in the 60s?


Ridiculous, right? You couldn’t even get YouTube on it, let alone FaceBook – what’s worse it – none of these things existed yet, because there wasn’t any internet.

And here, we get to the real crux of the matter: the reason why modern people find it so difficult to transcend is because the World Wide Web won’t let them.

We live in an age where the World’s News (‘the world’s longest running Soap’, as Charlie Brooker describes it) is constantly piped right into our pockets, into our ears (if we so choose). It might be easy to block out the worries of the world by not reading it, but there’s a different kind  of news that you really can’t avoid.

That’s the news of your friends:


So many names, so many people, so many stories! What’s more, all this news will be infinitely more interesting (nay, salacious) because you personally know each and everyone of the characters. So, if you’re not indulging in a little virtual people watching – then what excuse do you have for not transcending (because that’s what we’re really talking about here now – excuses)? How about your ‘real’ friends messaging through any one of many different platforms? How about prospective lovers badgering you on any number of dating applications? How about your phone vibrating every 2 minutes because you’ve got over 50 contacts on Snapchat/Instagram and everyone, simply everyone, must document every single thing they do and tell you about it?

This is why you can’t transcend.

How can you get past this? Simple.

Cut yourself free. Cancel the internet, cut your phone line, smash your mobile.

The choice is yours.

Lie trapped, wrapped up by so many virtual lines and connections.

Or set yourself free and start your journey to transcendence. 


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